Uncomfortable: I Got Laid Off (Part 2)

I guess for me, the most difficult part of all of this – besides feeling like a piece of garbage – has been navigating “the system”. There are so many rules and regulations and specific dates to have stuff in by. It’s kind of crazy to be honest.

Via renocityofwellness.com

I have health insurance through the end of the month through Saint Mary’s, but if I wanted to elect that same coverage I had at Saints, just for me alone, on Cobra it would cost a little over $960 a month… SERIOUSLY?! And that’s NOT including dental or vision either.. So clearly, that’s not an option. I don’t even receive that much on unemployment a month.

And I thought, since I had coverage through the end of the month, that I’d be able to use my flex spending card that I had set up through Saints as well… That’s a big fat NO. I tried to use it to cover the rest of my cleaning earlier this month, the insurance company sent me the check instead of my dentist and I needed to cover the difference, and that card was declined… even though I have been paying into it… ?? Not quite sure how that works.

To top it off, the government currently decides how much I am worth a week. My “value” is now what the government tells me it is. Crappy. Crappy. Crappy. I haven’t been able to submit a weekly report yet either because I wasn’t claiming unemployment for my last week of work. So, “the system” is a week or two late on payments… solid – considering I didn’t receive any severance pay.
This entire debacle has been, well, a debacle. I’m sure some of you reading this have been through this process – and probably think it sucks as much as I do. I guess this is more of a venting sesh about our HORRIBLE system too…
I don’t like being told my worth by a machine that doesn’t know me. I don’t care for the fact that my insurance would cost more than I’m being paid a month.
For the people that live on the system, honestly – how do you do it?

Let’s get REAL about “the system”.
Let’s get uncomfortable and start working towards a system, that works – and that people can actually afford!

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