Uncomfortable: Are Our “Traditions” Soon to be a Way of the Past?

So, as I was stumbling through some blogs the other day I came across this: School Cancels Mother’s and Father’s Day Activities to Respect Non-Traditional Families. I mean, I know we are so worried about constantly being politically correct (PC), but SERIOUSLY?! You’ve got to be kidding me. We are so worried about everyone’s feelings, that we are denying our children creative workshops. We are also denying the parents the right to make fun of their children, as they grow older, for the beautiful crafts their kid(s) made.

Our Christmas tree is COVERED in crafts we made as children
(My BF, Nina (the Puppy), and Me; Dec 2016)

My Mom and Dad have kept every single thing we made them growing up. From the hideous blob of an ornament to the reindeer that has a Christmas love note on it… they have it all. It’s honestly great to reminisce with them about when we made these beautiful creations – to this day my Brother and I will argue about the most hideous one and who made it #SiblingRivalry ❤

All this made me curious about “non-traditional” families and what that means exactly.
A traditional family is defined as: children under 18 that live in households headed by two heterosexual parents in their first marriage (Pew).
A study released in January of 2015 states that, only 46% of US families are “traditional”. Which that honestly doesn’t surprise me. Many households are single parent households now, as divorce rates are higher and it is no longer “looked down upon” for a woman to have a baby on her own.
According to the Census Bureau, 66% of households in 2012 were family households, which represents a decline from 81% in 1970.
During that same time period, the proportion of one-person households also increased by 10 points, from 17 % to 27%.

But, when we think about “non-traditional” families, do we block separated families into that? Do we group in single moms who have chosen to raise a child alone? According to the statistics yes…
Honestly though, when I think about non-traditional families, I think about gay families raising their children. Or transgendered families.
Which to me, is not a big deal. You make two father’s day cards on father’s day then. Or two mother’s day cards…  These households know they aren’t a “traditional” household. So, why is everyone getting so butthurt about a specific “day” that is valid for the majority of the country?
We shouldn’t care who the beautiful crafts are going to. They are going to someone the child cares about. Who they call mom can be mom and who they call dad can be dad…
In 2016 there were 73,700,000 children in the United States. With 200,000 of those children being raised by gay couples. Percentage wise, that is .27% of our children… So, I’m sorry, but why are we changing rules and traditions for a small subset of the population?…
Whether parents are straight, lesbian, bi, re-married, separated, divorced, gay, transgendered, or together – whatever. Why are we so worried about being PC that we are including our children in our political messes? They didn’t choose who their parents or parent are… so let them make some flippin arts and crafts!
Leave traditions alone. Just change the number of crafts the kids make in respect to their traditional or non-traditional families.

Let’s get REAL about political correctness ruining this country.
Let’s get uncomfortable – let’s admit and assess our problems, instead of creating more issues for our children.

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