Uncomfortable: The Gym and an Eating Disorder

Getting back into the gym after having an eating disorder can be tricky, and it sure isn’t easy. It is easy however, to get carried away and become addicted to something else – that could potentially give you the same result as the eating disorder had: being (or wanting to be) the thinnest person in the room, i.e. “the drive for thinness“. Which we all know, is NOT GOOD.

In my last blog, I talked to you guys about mindset, and how changing your mindset after having an eating disorder can be extremely difficult. If you know someone with an eating disorder, PLEASE watch for triggers, and/or signs that they may have relapsed. Here’s a few links to check out regarding what to watch, and look for, for someone struggling, or who has struggled, with bulimia:




Here’s a few links for warning signs and triggers for anorexia:




Remember too, when we talk about triggers, everyone’s trigger can be different. Stress is a huge trigger for a lot of people so that is definitely one to watch out for.

Let’s get REAL about the recovery process.
Let’s get uncomfortable and raise awareness for these disorders.

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