Uncomfortable: Who do You Want to be?

Yes, this is a legit deep question here. However, we all ask ourselves this question at some point. Some of us maybe once a week, or a couple times a month, and others – maybe several times a day. The key here is that we are asking ourselves who we want to be, not what

TEDxUNR via Chris Holloman

More often than not, we tie what we want to be into who we want to be and think that the “what” can suffice for the “who”…
What do I want to be? A boss. A leader. A friend. A lover.
But who I want to be is the guts.
I want to be someone that others can look up to and respect. A teammate that is known for her diligence and empathy. A woman who can speak like a man and not be liked less for it. A strength that can inspire others to be stronger. A leader that always has her people’s backs.

The who of what we are is 10x more important than the what we are constantly seeking.
The what doesn’t make us who we are. The what doesn’t define us. The what doesn’t dictate our character. But, the who… who we are is what we are. Not the other way around.

Reno Air Races, 2017

I am a military brat. I am my father’s daughter and my mother’s eldest child. I am a type A personality. I am a MBA student.
But who does that make me?…

You can be a CEO, or a VP of Sales, or a Marketing Manager – those titles don’t make you a leader. You have a leadership role, but what you are, doesn’t make you who you need to be.

Who you are, down to the core, is slowly mattering more and more for businesses.
Corporations are hiring for civility; while more and more “leadership qualities” are being shown to incorporate typically feminine characteristics. (Oh my goodness!! What will corporate America do?!)

So guys, don’t be scared to get in touch with your “feminine side” and dig up some feels about who you want to be. Because the what, just doesn’t hold water on its own anymore.

Let’s get REAL about who we want to be.
Let’s get uncomfortable and start asking each other some honest questions – let’s start being vulnerable.

So, back to the question: who do you want to be?


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