About Me

Ashley Evdokimo (AshEvdo) is a Reno, Nevada native.  She was a scholastic athlete during her undergrad career and received her B.S. in Marketing from Dominican College in New York (2012).  Ashley then went on to complete her second degree, and received a B.A. in Psychology as well as a minor in Entrepreneurship from the University of Nevada (2013).  Upon graduation she moved to Winter Park, Florida for a couple years and managed a restaurant.

Ashley Evdokimo (AshEvdo) completed her MBA at the University of Nevada, Reno in December of 2017.  She was the Road to TEDx student speaker winner in September 2016 and spoke at TEDxUniversityofNevada in January 2017.
Ashley’s purpose is to help start the conversations most of us are not comfortable having; as well as, to help propel the necessary, however uncomfortable, actions (we each need to take) that are required to stimulate growth.
She wants us to get uncomfortable together, as growth develops through discomfort.

Ashley has a little fur baby named Nina – who takes up most of her “free” time. Nina is a rescue and she has quite the sparkling personality!

Ashley’s little brother (Adam) is a M.E. and also just recently completed his MBA. Her parents, Allen and Sheryl Evdokimo, have been together since her mom was 17. They met at Lake Tahoe and it was a match made in heaven – when you know, you know! ❤

Left to right: Al (Dad), Adam (Brother), Nana, Me, Mom (Sheryl)


Ashley Evdokimo has worked in a variety of different industries (including gaming, healthcare, sports management, and PR) and this has left her with a conceptual, and practical understanding of diverse areas.  From hospitality, to communications, to marketing and beyond – Ashley continues to seek and attain as much knowledge as she can.



Forward movement. Growth through discomfort. Love ❤ Good vibes. Respect. And most importantly, don’t forget to smile.


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