Uncomfortable: Dating | Do Women Really Have a “Checklist”?

So first off, everyone has a checklist. Whether you admit that or not is up to you, but we all subconsciously have one – even if we aren’t necessarily aware that we do. We all look for some specific attributes when we are checking someone out.  

However, that being said, there is nothing wrong with having a checklist. It’s not like if one thing is missing you’re out of the game – and different people look for different things in a partner. So, if your lists don’t match each others, groovy, it’s just time to move on.
So the answer to the question is: yes.

Yes, women do really have checklists. But, it’s not how men think about them. There are certain things that are mandatory on the “list” and other things that have some wiggle room.
Personally, my non-negotiables include (but are not limited to) humor, respect, a great work ethic, acting like a partner and loyalty. Yes, some of those are basic to any relationship, but you’d be surprised how many guys nowadays seriously lack respect (and loyalty for that matter).
Some of the negotiable traits and attributes include appearance (height, hair color, eye color, body type), education, and job description.
What are your negotiables or non-negotiables? Do you know??

Everyone has different non-negotiables, and that’s what makes relationships work. There are a few things that don’t get any wiggle room, and more things that do.
Channing, ^^ my best friend in the above picture, and I have completely different taste in men. Which, is great when we go out, because I find guys for her, and she used to find guys for me 🙂 We had it pretty down for a while.
We knew some of each other’s “requirements” – and that’s part of a best friends job, right? They help set you up, because they know what you’re looking for…

Stop dreading the checklist! The checklist isn’t a bad thing. Knowing what you want is good. Embrace knowing yourself well enough to know what you want.

Let’s get REAL about what we want.
Let’s get uncomfortable and be honest about our “checklists”.

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