Uncomfortable: Freedom of Speech | Does it Still Exist?

More than five different Conservative events, on college campuses, have been cancelled since the beginning of this year due to violence, or the threat of violence against the scheduled speakers.
Milo Yiannopoulos had two events cancelled at the beginning of the year. One at UC Davis in January and one at UC Berkeley in February.
At the Berkeley event – all hell broke loose, literally. The protestors caused about $100,000 in damage – breaking windows, throwing rocks, and setting a generator and some trees on fire on campus.

And only ONE arrest was made. Berkeley Police have a “no arrest” policy. The schools have basically emasculated the police, and made it impossible for them to do their jobs!
In an interview Milo said, “Because what they’re doing is insisting that the police follow procedures that almost guarantee there will be violence and guarantee the event will not proceed, that is direct violation of their first amendment commitment.”

Do me a favor now, and imagine that this had been a group of Trump supporters protesting a liberal event. Oh, how the tides would have turned! Would there have been a single news source that wasn’t covering the protest? Would CNN be focusing on anything else? Or just on how the Conservatives are continuously attempting to spew hate speech? (Which we aren’t by the way).

Ann Coulter’s speech was also canceled at UC Berkeley in April. They wouldn’t guarantee her safety for the event… WHAT?! Have the cops do their job!! The conservative organizations at UC Berkeley – Berkeley College Republicans, BridgeUSA and the Young America’s Foundation – filed a lawsuit Monday against the university, demanding accommodations to be made for the event Thursday. The lawsuit also argued that free speech was in danger.
The American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California agreed that Berkeley’s efforts to move the date of the speech amounted to an attempt at blocking the first amendment right.

Below is the quote from Obama that I talked about in the video as well. But, you can watch the President say it himself if you’d like…

Let’s get REAL about who is truly against free speech.
Let’s get uncomfortable, and call this bull**** out.

President Obama criticizes “coddled” college students and campus call-out culture.


4 thoughts on “Uncomfortable: Freedom of Speech | Does it Still Exist?”

  1. Did you know UNR had a conservative speaker on campus just a few weeks ago? Her name was Lauren Cooley and she was excellent. Only about 60 students showed which was unfortunate. The entire ASUN student government sat on the front row.

    You might also be interested to know that we invited Tomi Lahren to speak at our TEDx but she would not come. We invited several other known conservatives that talk about free speech – same thing, would not come. We are still trying to get a conservative to talk about free speech on campus.

    But you’ll never hear that part of the narrative.


    1. I did not know we had Lauren Cooley on campus. I would have gone if I knew. Was there anything posted about it? Good for the ASUN though.
      Do they (the known Conservatives) provide reasons for turning down the speaking engagements? (Especially a TEDx event) That is very interesting… thanks for sharing the info Dr. Simmons!


  2. Even though Ann Coultier cancelled, the rest of the speakers showed that day. They all spoke with some very professional volunteer security being provided by the Oathkeepers and 3%ers. It’s my understanding it went off without any problems and Berkeley police finally made arrest before things got ugly, like they did on previous mentioned events.
    This of course was not reported by main stream media.

    There’s a topic. Msm an how it has become propaganda machine, that’s completely bias. What happened to the days when they reported just the facts?


    1. Francis I’m going to have to look into that, because as you said – nothing was really reported. So, I apologize for not having more information on the topic. But, I agree with you completely about the mainstream media being a propaganda machine, and it’s rather unfortunate… I’ll have to do some research on that before I write about it, but thanks for the idea! 🙂


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