Uncomfortable: Online Dating – So, You Met on Tinder?

Chances are, if you have cable, you’ve seen a few of the Match.com or eHarmony commercials floating around. There’s a specific one right now, showing people going around telling their dogs, best friends and family members that they, “Met someone” with a smile, of course… Currently, 40% of Americans use online dating websites. While the numbers are slightly skewed, with 52.4% of online dating users being men, and 47.6% of user being women, there are plenty of fakers to go around. Rest assured folks, that 20% of women lie on their profile pages and 40% of men have admitted to lying about their jobs, in order to sound more successful. Isn’t that something we all worry about with online dating? That we are going to get catfished?
Definition: having a relationship of any sort with someone on social media that isn’t who they say they are, by using someone else’s picture(s) or living a totally different lifestyle than what they told you
Well, at least less than half of your matches are lying, think on the bright side!! 🙂

But don’t let those statistics scare you away from online dating. The rewards can be worth the risks!! Tinder alone has seven million monthly users! That is A LOT of potential matches!!
But… does “it” last?
20% of people in current, committed relationships began online. While your best chance of finding love is still through a friend, online dating comes in as a close second.

I don’t want you to think I was previously knocking online dating, up above there  – because I’m not. I’m trying to provide both sides of the story… But honestly, where else are we supposed to meet people anymore? So much of our social world has gone online, it makes sense that dating has too. But yet, we still don’t want to tell our friends or family members that we met someone online. There is still that stigma attached to it; almost like, “Oh, you couldn’t meet anyone in the ‘real’ world”?
I’m sorry, but when exactly are we supposed to meet someone in the “real world”? Between working 40+ hours a week, going to school, doing homework, going to the gym, and trying to have an assemblance of a social life…? When is prince charming supposed to come swoop me off of my tired, sore, achy feet? Actually, if prince charming could rub my feet, I think I’d be more game for that than being swept off of them at this point.

Via forums.oneplus.net

That’s how I felt, and that’s honestly how I continued to feel, for a hot minute when I first started online dating. I had scrolled through all the options on Tinder, multiple times, and I think I only went on a couple dates. Then, one of my girlfriends told me about Bumble, and basically forced me to download it. Bumble was named the Best Dating App of 2016 by the first ever US Dating Awards. Why was Bumble a notch above the rest? A few reasons.

Pinot’s Palette birthday celebration

Personally, Bumble is where I reconnected with a co-worker/friend from 2012. I was in a relationship then, so I had graciously blown off his advances. However, the timing seemed to work in our favor. We reconnected on Bumble, with my smooth, “Hey stranger” line, and have been inseparable ever since.

That is the first advantage to Bumble – the woman has to message the guy first. Women are 2.5x more likely to get a response than men when they make the initial contact, and 30% of those messages turn into conversation.

Labor Day weekend at Zephyr

Secondly, Bumble will remove a match 24 hours after it is made, and after the woman makes the initial contact, the man now has 24 hours to respond as well. If there has been no contact, or messages exchanged in 24 hours, bye-bye match. 94 percent of online daters said they expect a response from their message within 24 hours – so chop chop if you’ve got some messages waiting folks!! 🙂

All in all, online dating is what it is. You’re going to win some and lose some. You’re going to go on some amazing dates and some horrible ones. But hey, that would happen in “real life” too, right?

Let’s get REAL about potential matches.
Let’s get uncomfortable, and be honest, so we can begin removing the stigma associated with online dating.

Do you have a match made in heaven story? Or a gruesome horror story about online dating?? I’d love to hear it! Shoot me an email, screenshots and/or pictures, or please leave a comment if you’d like – I look forward to hearing from you ❤



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