Uncomfortable: Stereotypes | Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

So, I’m dancing in the Jack Tent this year at the Reno Rodeo... if you’re from Reno you know that the Jack Tent is the place to be during Rodeo. It’s a blast and it is known for its dancers. Myself, and three other fine ladies, make up that group this year. 

As fun as it is to be a part of Rodeo, some of the comments people make – are NOT fun. We are scrutinized for dancing on the bar. People tell us our fathers should be ashamed, and that we shouldn’t be doing this – and those are some of the milder comments folks…
But EVERY girl there is a professional. One girl is in chemistry and works in a lab, one girl is a paramedic, another is a professional dancer and I’m in marketing…

Just because we are dancing on a bar doesn’t make us sluts… it doesn’t make us easy… it doesn’t make us dumb. Just because we are dolled up to do a job doesn’t mean that we aren’t more than what you see, or what you think you see.

Let’s get REAL about our assumptions.
Let’s get uncomfortable and own up to the stereotypes we attach to people…

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