Uncomfortable: United Airlines | Whose Butt is Really Getting Kicked?

So, United Airlines is #trending right now, but not for a good reason. However, that being said, as gruesome as the video is that we all saw – United’s main mistake is the compensation limitation they set at $800 rather than $1350.
For domestic flights, federal regulations allow airlines to offer up to $1350, per passenger, when the flight is over booked and they need “volunteers” to give up their seats. United Airlines stopped offering their customers compensation at $800…
Then, United Airlines proceeded to randomly draw, four unlucky passengers, who had to give up their seats…
Lawsuit much?!

So, as beat up as the gentleman was – United Airlines is about to get their butts kicked in court. BIG TIME.
The amount of money it would have cost them to pay out the MAXIMUM amount, to each customer, allowed by law, is way less than what they are going to have to pay out in court.

And to the people on board who watched this happen and chose to do nothing – shame on you. If I was on that flight and a doctor said he needed to get home to patients, I would have gladly given up my seat. But, while he was being dragged off the plane you all sat there and did nothing. Shame on you – seriously. You recorded it and then denounced the “atrocity” later instead of sacking up and doing something about it then and there…

Via Bloomberg

And yes, now we now know that the “doctor” had lost his license, in 2005, due to some specific, shall we say, practices he enjoyed… but at the time, no one knew those facts. No one knew who he was, or that what he said may not have been on the “up and up”. But again, that does not ultimately matter.
What DOES matter, for United and other passengers, is that he was a paying customer and United did not fulfill the maximum compensation rate allowed by law PRIOR to pulling him, and three other lucky patrons, off the plane…
So truthfully, United Airline’s is really going to be the ones getting their butts kicked. Via social media and sales declines – as well as in settlement payouts and court hearings.

Let’s get REAL about how we treat each other.
Let’s get uncomfortable and start standing up for one another.

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