Uncomfortable: Girls are Crazy Because Guys are ***holes

Have you heard of the “crazy/hot scale” A.K.A. the “Hot Crazy Matrix”? If you haven’t, sadly, it is a thing for this generation. But, ya know what? I think it is TRASH!!!! Women are crazy because men make us crazy (for the most part); as there are always exceptions to the rule… 

If you skip forward to about 4:45 you get to the Unicorn part… where a woman who is above an 8 hot and below a 5 crazy, is called a Unicorn – and apparently Unicorns don’t exist. Ummmmm they do. I have known plenty of beautiful women who are ridiculously kind and smart, and are mostly at a 3 crazy. Now, we all have our moments – I can get to an 8 on the crazy scale real quick if the correct thing provokes it… but that’s exactly it – we need to be provoked to hit those high “crazy numbers”. And who does the provoking most of the time?… you guessed it – MEN!!!!

And this isn’t a hate blog on men – I love men. I love my Dad, I love my Brother, I love my Boyfriend, and I love my male friends. But, the disillusion that a lot of these guys live under is what I have an issue with.
I don’t know about you ladies, but I’m sick of being called crazy – for having feelings, for believing in a relationship where mutual respect should be given, for wanting to be and feel included, for asking questions if information isn’t offered, for wanting to be involved in my partners life, for wanting my time to be respected, for wanting to be appreciated and NOT taken for granted… These are the things they call us crazy for?

Because God forbid men have feelings, or that Saturday isn’t for the boys.

Yes, that is also a thing – and every time my boyfriend says it I tell him he sounds like a giant douche; because he does – as do most guys.
And don’t get me wrong, guys need guy time. Women need women time. We all need us time and we time and whatever other time you deem necessary to make you happy (within the constraints of the law of course).
But guys, do us a favor and take a step back from the stuff you do that you think makes you feel like a man for a hot second, and ask yourselves this: Is it respectful? Is it necessary? Am I a better man for this?

Unicorn Mama Dukes

My Dad is a man’s man I would say. And yet he calls my Mom every night before bed, and several times throughout the day while he’s on the road. He doesn’t hide anything from her. He doesn’t “forget to call” or let his “phone die” so he can’t. He respects her so therefore, my Mom is a Unicorn.  Now, he still drives her crazy sometimes – he was a fighter pilot so that is just life. But, he doesn’t intentionally do things that would land him in the asshole category.
He doesn’t ignore her phone calls. He doesn’t pretend to be sleeping. He doesn’t badmouth her to his buddies. Novel ideas, eh?

And maybe all of this just circles back to respect. Respecting your partner enough to not trash talk them to make yourself look better… Respecting yourself enough to not stay with someone who treats you like dirt… Respecting each other’s feelings enough to take them seriously – and not make them a joke…

Respect. Love ❤

Andy came home from work one day and told me a “joke” that they had all been talking about at work. It was a meme that went something like this:
Want to see how crazy your girlfriend really is? Don’t answer when she calls, then text her and say “He’s busy”.
(Now – just sit and wait for the crazy.)

So,  let us circle back to the title of this blog, shall we? – Girls are crazy because guys are assholes; or stupid, either way works.
I can maybe see the humor in that if your girl has never questioned you and you’ve never given her a reason to. But, for those of us who have been cheated on, and found out from one slip up or one tiny little mistake or prideful moment – honestly that’s just rude… And the sad part, is that now, more of us have been cheated on than haven’t. Men and women.

Let’s get REAL about the way we treat people.
Let’s get uncomfortable and discuss the way we feel – the way we make each other feel.

5 thoughts on “Uncomfortable: Girls are Crazy Because Guys are ***holes”

  1. I’ve gotten called “Crazy” numerous times. Also “insecure” and “jealous”. Always by guys who refuse to let go of an ex (still being friends is one thing, taking her out to eat then hanging out alone all night “Just watching TV” is another). So out of protection of my own emotions and also self respect, I break up with them. Who do they end up with right after I’m gone? THE EX. Trust your intuition, ladies.
    That is all.


  2. The stuff you say men do to make you crazy is pretty much what women do to reach a good solid 9 on the crazy scale. Combine that with changing their minds every .69 seconds takes you right to a perfect 10!


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