Uncomfortable: Raw Beauty | Chillin with No Makeup on

We are told that we need to be “dimes” all the time. That our hair and makeup have to be perfect. That we can’t have an ounce of fat on us. That our outfit better be “on point”. Why? Because society has said so? Beauty is beauty, everyone is beautiful in their own way – and raw beauty is b-e-a-uuuuutiful.

Everyone harped on Lady Gaga after her performance at the SuperBowl. People were saying that she had fat rolls and attempted to “body shame” her. And the sad part? As soon as I saw some of her skin roll over the top of those shorts – I knew she was going to get lip for it, because we can’t wait to tear people down…
Which is COMPLETELY wrong. We need to build each other up people! She rocked that outfit. It doesn’t matter how skinny you are – everyone has skin. And honestly, I don’t know many woman that could have puled that outfit off the way she did. #nailedit

Who cares if she has gained a little weight? I’m not saying she has, I don’t personally track her body weight index… But, so what if she has or had? She’s human… We are all human, and it would do us well to remember that sometimes.

No one is perfect. So, stop expecting women to be put together all the time. It’s not a real thing. As you can see by my video, and I’ve also told you in pervious posts (Uncomfortable: What Are We Saying to Our Daughters When We Tell Them to “Put some clothes on”?) that I am the QUEEN of sweatpants… even in the summer, they are the first thing I put on when I get home.

Am I beautiful in sweatpants? Heck yes I am! And so are you!! We need to work on being comfortable in our own skin. We need to start being proud of our bodies.

Let’s get REAL about our perception of beauty.
Let’s get uncomfortable together and work towards changing the social norm.

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