Uncomfortable: Relationships | Falling in Love with Yourself Again – Part 2

You know what I’ve realized over the past couple of months?  That EVERYTHING, literally everything, ebs and flows. I know we’ve talked about change and it being a constant, but every once in a while we get in these ruts – at least, I know I do… Where you think, feel, believe, that everything is staying the same – that you are stagnant or even trapped. Personally, professionally – all the negative feels and fears.
That you’ll never find love, or be good enough or successful, or maybe that you don’t even deserve to be “happy”.

Short and sweet convo here y’all:
What we tend to not realize, or even think about, is that EVERYONE has these fears and thoughts at some point or another. Yet, we act like we are the only person in the world going through these emotions.
Fact: you’re not.
Truth: we all have self doubt at some point.

The difference is, how you handle it – how you react to these, sometimes overbearing, fears and feelings. Because today, when you “catch feelings”, or even have them, it’s like it’s a disease or something! Which, I’ve honestly never understood, but we all hide the truth about our feelings. It’s just a fact.
Dealing with these thoughts has been something I’ve been working on lately. Because when you have to “put yourself out there” to start a new relationship, or open yourself up for criticism at work to grow – it takes effort to be ok with all that. It takes work to be open to someone new, or to doing something differently. And it sure as heck AIN’T easy y’all. TRUST.
But you aren’t the only one who goes through this roller coaster of emotions. So, find someone you can trust. A work wife or husband, a best friend, boyfriend, partner – whoever – and try to sort some of this stuff out for yourself.
Negative thoughts are not good for self care.

Bottling it all up does no good either. It’ll stress you out, and if you’re like me you’ll start overthinking everything.


Let’s get REAL, because these thoughts can become a hardcore downward spiral real fast….
Let’s get uncomfortable and address our feelings and fears before we freak ourselves out O_o  #foodforthought 

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