Uncomfortable: 5 Signs She’s Just Not that into You

You may or may not be the one lighting her fire; dating can be truly difficult and confusing. Most people play games and signals are getting harder and harder to read. But here’s 5 signs that she’s really, just not that into you…

  • She doesn’t call or return your calls
    Let’s be real about this – most women enjoy talking to their significant other or person they are seeing. Whether, it is about their day or plans for dinner or the latest drama at work – women are known to be more talkative, and not only in relationships either; we love catching up with our girlfriends.
    So, if she’s not talking to you, don’t take it like she’s “playing hard to get”. She’s not.
    She read your text or listened to your message and went back to doing whatever she was doing. Sorry fellas – if she’s not getting back to you or not initiating, she’s telling you she wants to be left alone.

    Via forums.oneplus.net
  • She is finding herself
    Which is great for her! Not so great for you if she gives you that line… Women size guys up and process the information rather quickly… Which means that we’ve already decided if we can see ourselves with you or not. If she’s finding herself, she may be doing just that – but the right guy can also help her discover more than she thought she could. That guy just isn’t you.
  • Her body language doesn’t match up
    If she’s into you, she’ll want to get close to you – emotionally and physically. Watch her body language to see if it matches what she is saying. Are her arms crossed on her chest, making her more closed off? Or is her body position open towards you? (That’s good!)

    Closed off, protective posture
    PC: Otter Love Photography

    Does she reach for your hand or rest hers on your leg? Is she comfortable making eye contact with you? And not the eye contact that connects and flirtily looks away – but when you talk, do you really look at each other?



  • She cancels repeatedly
    If a woman is interested guys, she will make time in her schedule to see you. If she keeps canceling because something came up at work or her girlfriend needed her for the night, etc. – she’s waiting for you to get the hint.
  • She doesn’t introduce you to her friends
    So, this is a big deal. If you’ve been going out for a while and you haven’t met her friends, be worried. If she’s into you, she won’t want to wait to introduce you to her friends! She will be totally jazzed about you all doing a social night together. Women want to show off a guy they are into, they trust their friends to help weed out the good and the bad seeds. If she is hesitant about introducing you or just blatantly hasn’t – or even worse, you’ve been introduced as her “friend”- she’s just not that into you man.

Let’s get REAL about dating.
Let’s get uncomfortable and stop stringing people along.

One uncomfortable conversation of, “I’m not that interested” is better than wasting each other’s time. This goes for BOTH sides of the aisle folks!!

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