Uncomfortable: Dating | 3 Things You Should NEVER Do When You’re Hitting on a Woman

Ladies, how many times have you gotten hit on and thought, “Does that ever actually work for you?”… Lame pick up lines, cat calling, not knowing how to talk to a woman – let alone have a genuine conversation that doesn’t just scream, “HEY!! I’m trying to get in your pants!!!!” Guys (or gals), here’s 3 things you should NEVER do when you’re hitting on the female species 🙂

  1. Don’t EVER cat call

I don’t even know if I can stress this concept enough; even though I know the sad tradition will never die. However, that being said – when in the history of guys being douchebags, has this EVER worked? Pretty sure – never. So, why must you incessantly  “(hang) out of the side of your best friends ride, trying to holla at me”?
Seriously though… You think you’re matcho with your friends around? Especially after a few cocktails… (SIDE NOTE: you should read: Drinking | 3 Reasons You Should Stop – because that is quite applicable in this context as well)
Do you have to prove how desirable you are – how irresistible?
Whip it out and measure with your buds when you get home and leave us out of it.
Please and thank you.
Hollerin, “Hey mama” or “Dammmnnnnn girl” is not going to get you ANYWHERE.
Please see the video below for further information 🙂

2. Don’t offer to buy me a drink

I should preface that with this: don’t offer to buy me a drink as your opening line. If you come up to me and we’ve been talking for a bit – great, then you can offer. But if you walk up to me and that’s the first thing you ask, my answer is going to be this:
a. No thanks – I’m a strong independent woman who can buy her own drink(s)
b. Sure! (and then I will act like I care for 5 minutes while the drink is being made, say thank you, then smile and walk away) #FreeBooze

Because here’s what we are thinking if that is your opening line:
a. You’re trying to get me drunk and hoping to take advantage of said drunkness
b. You have no game and therefore need booze to break the ice
c. You don’t know how to talk to a woman
d. Maybe you don’t have anything to say that is actually interesting
e. Your buddies put you up to this and it may be a bet (in which case, I get half)

3. Don’t put your hands on me

Guys, you tend to get frisky sometimes and think that’s ok, and it’s honestly not. It makes us completely uncomfortable.
Unless we have explicitly told you that you can touch us – don’t. That is the fastest way to get yourself slapped.
Mind you, there are times signals are given in leu of an actual conversation… but if she moves your hand off her – don’t go to put it back! And for goodness sake, would it kill you to actually ask a woman to dance?! Instead of trying to grind all up on her… >:-/

Let’s get REAL about how we treat one another.
Let’s get uncomfortable together, and STOP worrying about rejection so much that we can’t have a REAL, genuine conversation with one another.

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