Uncomfortable: Drinking | 3 Reasons You Should Stop

We all like to knock them back, some more than others – everyone has their own way of coping with life and its events. And I’m not knocking drinking, I’m a total wino – however, there are more than a few reasons why we should all relax on the amount we consume. (And for the record, just because you stop, or slow down, doesn’t make you a quitter!!!)  

Reason 1
We make excuses for our poor decisions and our bad behavior.

How many times have you had to apologize for something you’ve done while you were drunk? Or how many excuses have you made, “Oh my god I was so drunk” and then the giggles or the head shaking begins… and sometimes we just laugh it off. Again, like it’s fine because we were drunk. Because being drunk is an excuse for our bad judgement, for the feelings we hurt, for the words we say and can’t take back.
Just because we are drinking, or drunk, doesn’t excuse our actions, or our words. Being drunk does not excuse us from owning our actions, but that’s exactly what we act like it does…

Reason 2
Drinking is legitimately bad for your body.

A single episode of heavy drinking, in some cases, is enough to cause heart problems; and women who drink are at a higher risk of heart damage than men.
Alcohol interferes with your brain’s communication pathways. These interferences can change mood and behavior, and we all know that coordination and clear thinking are effected.
Erectile dysfunction is also a common side effect of drinking for men (AKA whiskey dick). Excessive drinking can also cause women to stop menstruating and become infertile.

Via portofcall.com

What counts as “heavy” drinking though? It’s different for everyone. There are a slew of health benefits for one or two drink a day-ers, but it is when we over-do it that we are damaging our bodies and our brains. Everything is ok in moderation (within the standard limits of course). But, learning how to moderate your intake is not always the easiest thing to do.
In 2015, 26.9% of people 18 or older reported that they engaged in binge drinking in the last month.

Reason 3
There’s usually more damage done than good.

Alcohol has more unwanted side effects than most prescription drugs… when the calmness starts to wear off people get more anxious. This can cause sleep insomnia, as anxiousness also increases dehydration.
Alcohol causes us to not think properly and this can be a major contributor to relationship issues – and not just romantic ones.
Alcohol effects relationships in a few ways:
1. as a drug
2. as a cultural ritual
3. psychologically

Many of us use alcohol as a crutch, and it usually ends up making things worse. We shy away from doctors who may prescribe anti-depressants but then we ritualistically self medicate and over indulge to the point of making, sometimes massive, mistakes.

Let’s get REAL about why we are losing control.
Let’s get uncomfortable and discuss why we are willing to sacrifice so much, for a little fun.

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